National Catholic Charismatic Leaders’ Council (NCCLC):

This is a consultative and advisory body of the National Service Team consisting of Bishops and mature servant leaders from various expressions of the CCR and different geographic locations of the country including chairpersons of the Regional Service Teams. The NCCLC meets once in two years for two or three days. It helps the NST to discern and focus its attention on the urgent needs and in updating its vision from time to time.

The NCCLC is a forum

To serve as a channel of communication between the National Service Team, bishops and different regions, ministries, teams and centers of the CCR,

To exchange views, experiences and concerns of the CCR and the Church and

To offer support, discernment and advice to the NST on the initiatives and services it offers.

Statement of the Third Gathering of the National Catholic Charismatic Leaders Council (NCCLC) and the Directors of the Retreat Centres who met along with Episcopal Advisor His Excellency Bishop Valerian D’Souza from 11th to 13th August 2006, at the Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, Kerala

We, the Bishop, Priests, Religious and Laity numbering seventy from various parts of the country, being the members of the National Catholic Charismatic Leaders Council of India and the Directors of the Retreat Centres, came together from 11th to 13th August, 2006, at the Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor, Kerala for prayer, reflection and discernment. The theme of the conference was The CCR, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

We are grateful to God for the positive contributions that the Charismatic Renewal has made in building up the church in India today such as:

Renewal of faith and a deeper experience of God though the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Renewal of Life in the Spirit, individually and collectively, in the Church.

Creating a thirst for the Word of God, personal prayer and community prayer especially spontaneous prayer.

Greater appreciation and desire for the Sacraments

Opening of intercession centres, with even round the clock intercession and adoration.

Opening of Retreat Centres, formation of Retreat Teams even for the specific needs such as Priests/Sisters Retreat, Seminarians Retreat, Family Retreat, Youth Retreat, Charisms Seminar, Initiation Retreat, Growth Retreat, reaching out to special categories and even children.

Renewal of the use of Charisms as well as ministries pertaining to the use of Charisms.

Promotion of active and committed service to the church as individuals or groups to liturgical and catechetical services, enabling greater participation.

Establishing centres of social concern as well as Evangelisation.

Promotion of Evangelisation through mass media, publication of books, magazines and newsletters.

Thirst for souls, leading to conversion to Christ.

Animating youth in active participation in the life of the church as well as Evangelisation.

However, we also felt convicted by the Holy Spirit in the following areas:

The world in its present state, and communication media has a strong counter effect and hence a deliberate attitudinal change (Rom 12:2) towards holiness to be made in the life of the leaders.

We need to establish better rapport with the clergy in exercising ministries / services.

Seek to be humble witnesses of the powerful experience of salvation, avoiding a possible “Better than Thou” attitude.

We need to effectively stop people leaving the Catholic Church and going to other denominations by faith formation and timely follow up.

Hence our vision for the future:

The nature of the Church is charismatic and therefore the exercise of the charisms should not be marginalized but be in the mainstream of the church.

Charismatic leaders should not be confined to their own circles, rather take active part in all the activities and ministries of the church so that the church may become more vibrant through the use of charisms. In order to achieve this leaders should grow in to Ecclesial maturity;
By constant striving for personal holiness
By commitment to building up the Body of Christ
By a life of witness
By zeal for proclamatio
By being faithful to the Magesterium and sacred traditions of the churc
Ecclesial maturity shall be nurtured through active participation in prayer groups, which should become the cradle for use of charisms, better fellowship, spiritual growth and ministries. Hence the regional leaders should take the initiative to begin prayer groups where none exist.
There should be a constant effort among the Leaders, Prayer Groups, Retreat Centres and Retreat Teams to nurture unity among themselves so that the prayer of Jesus may be fulfilled “That they may be one”.
In conclusion we praise and thank God for the Spiritual fruits that the church has reaped through the CCR, and as leaders of the renewal in India we recommit ourselves in the hands of God to continue His work in the church in the same lines, making all the efforts to correct ourselves in the areas convicted by the Holy Spirit, and we submit ourselves to the Church to continue the work of the Renewal.
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